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Tiny teff is taking off in a big way

Farming families have been growing this ancient grain in the Ethiopian highlands for over 3,000 years. 


This nourishing grain is a staple in Ethiopian households and used to make the famous fermented flatbread — injera. 


Teff, the worlds smallest grain, is debuting on the biggest stage — your taste buds.


Teff takes its name from the local Ethiopian word tefa for “lost because the seed is so small that it can't be found when dropped on the ground.

Teff grains are about the size of poppy seeds. iStock

The best injera is made with 100% whole grain teff flour. Instructables

Teff is a nutritional treasure — rich in protein, fiber iron, calcium and essential amino acids.  


Moreover, teff is low-glycemic, naturally gluten-free, has never been genetically modified and has an appealing nutty flavor.

No wonder this wholegrain superfood is gaining popularity around the world.

Fill up and fuel up on teff

Nutritionally speaking, teff leaves quinoa in the dust. Good

Endurance athletes love teffs high mineral content.


Ethiopias legendary distance runner, Haile Gebrselassie, even cites teff as a secret source of energy for the country's elite runners. 


Dieticians recommend teff to Americans as a great source of whole grains and a variety of nutrients. 



These guys run on teff. Run Forefoot


Our mission: support African farmers and make nourishing foods for you

At Wild For, we have a bold two-fold social mission: to connect African teff farmers to international markets, and make wholesome tasty foods to nourish you. 


We are starting by building the market for teff in the United States. The more teff chips you buy, the more social good we can do and the healthier you'll feel.




A farming family in Ethiopia cleaning teff seed. Getty Images

The Dinner Party Download: Tiny Teff Hits a Huge Market


The buzz

A small number of food start-ups like [Wild For], a company based in San Francisco, are trying to incorporate teff into everyday American foods. Last year the company introduced a line of gluten-free pancake mixes made from teff, which sold out quickly. Now the company is working on introducing a line of high-protein, teff-based tortilla chips next year. Read more . . .

The Guardian: Teff could be the next quinoa as Ethiopia boosts exports

Ethiopians have been planting teff — the base of their renowned injera bread — for more than 3,000 years. Yet for businessmen like Aleem Ahmed, this gluten-free grain, packed with amino acids, has the potential to become a lucrative superfood. Companies like Ahmed’s [Wild For] in the US or Tobia Teff in the UK want to provide westerners with a healthier alternative to wheat while helping Ethiopian farmers thrive. Read more . . .

[Wild For] is a new company working to export teff — Ethiopia’s staple grain — to the US. The idea is to support Ethiopian farmers by selling Americans a gluten-free teff-based pancake mix. The company just won an Agricultural Innovation Prize for the idea. So over a plate of flapjacks, we asked the co-founders to tell us about the stuff. Read more . . .

Whos that?

Aleem with a teff row planter made by a farmer in Waliso, Ethiopia.

Aleem is the Founder and CEO of Wild For Co. He first moved to East Africa to work in the region that three generations of his mother’s family have called home.


Most recently, Aleem was a Senior Program Associate with the Teff Value Chain team at the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agenchelping a third of Ethiopia’s 6 million teff farmers increase their yields. 


Before that, he was a Program Development Manager at Innovations for Poverty Action-Kenya where he helped 500,000 western Kenyans access safe drinking water. Aleem began his career as a management consultant at L.E.K. Consulting.


Aleem holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Haverford College. He is an MIT Legatum Mastercard Foundation Fellow and an Echoing Green Global Fellow. 


Were social

Were excited to launch our product line in the coming months and look forward to receiving your feedback! Please follow us to stay up-to-date on Wild For happenings.

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